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 Why Choose Fun 2 Dive for your Manatee Tour?

What we have is a small business that offers you a Safe, Fun and Educational day with the manatee... without putting stress on the animals.... No Fluff, No Cattle Boats, just manatees Period!

  • No Part Time Captains 26 years Experience with the Manatee   Our Captains are Certified Scuba and Snorkeling Instructors and the Owners  not just a certified diver with a Captain License.

  • Capt Greg PH.D. / University Professor, teaching graduate students.

  • Capt Joe 34 years dive experience, 28 years with the manatees, background in Mammal Marine Science and Physics.

  • Full Day Tours ....  which means no Rushing. We start our tours early in the morning depending on where your staying. We finish our tours around 3:00 pm some times longer, we do not carry a watch.

  • Professional Educators .... Back Ground in Marine Science, Physics, Physiology, Scuba, Snorkeling Instructor with over 9000 hours of manatee experience and just about 13,000 logged scuba dives, licensed USCG Captain.

  • Small Groups .... 6 people Max, plus crew. Our Boat was built just for this tour and is USCG equipped. Manatee Photo with Small groups of people.

  • All Inclusive - nothing to Rent top quality gear.

  • In Water Assistance -we're there to assist you, for any reason, any time... ANY THING .. if it is just to change your film. Most operators do not get in the water to help you, they might say this,  but we know who gets wet.

  • We Set the Standards, of what manatee tours should be.

  • No Cattle Boats, Big Boats Means  Limited Access.

  • We have a shop that is located just 20 minutes north of Orlando and we have a small shop that is located in Crystal River at the Marina.Manatee Rescue Picture 2007

  • Manatee Awareness Program.... Most tour operators charge for this as an extra. This is included at no charge, this is designed for one reason, to enhance your tour and to give you a better understanding of the manatees environment and there way of life. We give you some Manatee Manners, and explain the Rules and Regulations from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Your tour will be a thousand times better after this program.

  • Added extra's we also provide sunscreen, drinks, snacks, we have books on the boat about the wildlife        Just come as you shoes, no shirt, no problem.

  • Click here to see what people had said about our tours.

  • Price $89.95 p.p. for the Best Manatee Tour going.  If this tour excites you please E-mail us for more info.

  • Or just call 1-888-588-3483 it's  free, and if you get the machine it's because we're snorkeling with the manatees! Some times you can talk to the guest on the boat, if not just leave a message.

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