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  Fun 2 Dive is a family owned and operated outdoor adventure company that provides educational tours with the manatees, scuba and snorkeling instruction. Fun 2 Dive was started in 1995 which is owned by Joe and Judy Detrick both US Coast Guard Captains. Joe and Judy have been married for 25 years with 2 children and several grandchildren.

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Captain Joseph Detrick, AKA Capt. Joe, Manatee Joe, or Scuba Joe began diving in 1975 with the Arm Forces Recreation Services and hasn't stopped! Certified as a PADI Diver in 1990 with his wife Judy and became a NAUI Instructor in 1995. With 30 plus years of diving experience, Capt. Joe is far and above the "Local Expert" in this area. His formal training includes NAUI Instructor Trainer, SDI Instructor, TDI Instructor, IANTD Instructor and holds Certifications from PADI, YMCA, NACD and NSS/CDS.

Capt. Joe is a Rebreather Instructor for the Azimuth, Dragger, and the Military’s C-96. He also has taught the Bio-Med 60 and the Bio-Med 80 units. Capt. Joe can provide you with the best possible training in all of these areas as well as many other courses that he teaches. The NACD hasMe_Joe.jpg (5596 bytes) appointed Captain Joe as their Regional Safety Officer for Central Florida.

 You would be hard pressed to find a diver with more experience. Spanning the globe Capt. Joe has logged an incredible 12,800 dives ranging from The Grand Canaries Islands off the coast of Africa, to the warmth of the Bahamas and everything in between.

 Even more impressive is his time spent with the endangered West Indian Manatee (close to 9,000 hoursManatees of water time)! You can't spend that much time with an animal and not start to think like them! This is where Capt. Joe enjoys life. One thing I can say about Capt Joe, he does not let just any one run these tours. It is either Capt Greg or Capt Joe, that will conduct the tours. Capt Joe does not hire part time or seasonal help just to make the money from a tour. 

   With a US Coast Guard Captains License, a background in Marine Science and a degree in Photography, it is no wonder his photos are legendary. If you are in the market for an ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC course, take an Underwater photography or Videography course, you will NOT be disappointed! Capt. Joe has one of the largest collection of Manatee Photos in the world


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